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Icarus, the little rooster who flew too close to the sun, is a brown/red Cochin bantam also known as a Pekin bantam in other parts of the world.

He is a sweet and good natured rooster with an especial fondness for raisins and watching over his girls---Nike, Stormy, and Blueberry. (They are "blue" Cochin bantams.)

He and the hens live in a forever home and share their lives with a human who in turn watches over them and is very honored to do so.

A human who is constantly humbled by their wisdom, intelligence, and knowingness. 


His name "Icarus" refers to the Greek myth of the boy who flew too close to the sun, 

as he has always been a good flyer and loves flying up to fences and what not to survey his domain and be on the lookout for danger.

His feathers are blindingly brilliant, as if scorched by the sun, and the human was reminded of this myth and thought it made sense.

We all want to fly.


Icarus is the owner of the "Icarus Feather."

Chickens---like all birds---molt annually to renew their feathers and the human on finding one(a flight feather) marveled at it's beauty and functionality, wishing once again that she too had feathers.

Wishing once again that she could, in fact, fly.


Who doesn't?




The hens visiting the studio

Nap & preen time in the studio(daily ritual)

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