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Tthe remarkable, courageous, and talented

Appalachian women

in these mountains


in my guild.

This stuff aint easy.

Down through the


women folk

have held

a fabulous amount

of knowledge in their

heads, hearts and hands.

This piece is dedicated to you Frances, Bernie, Dede, Debbie, Mary, Chiwa, Barbara, Rita, Sandie, Mary, Irene, Kathleen, Cassie--all the women of the Southern Highland Craft Guild--

And to all the Sibyls in my life.


Arlene, Lauren, Lottie, Diann, 

Ethel, Wendy, Becky, Jan, 

Sally, Helen...

At your feet 

I played.

From your wisdom & knowledge 

I grew.

From your shoulders

I flew.


You spin

and weave 

the thoughts





This stone carving exists

because of all of you.

Thank you.

Stonecarver Collene Karcher July 14th  2016

Stone Crossing Lane

Bakersville North Carolina

we all want to fly

Appalachian Sibyl
georgia marble
sculpture w/handcut trajan letters
birdhouse is functional
#10 in The Birdhouse Series

click to see  back view 

       of    sculpture

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